High Efficiency Vertical Molding

POITRAS specializes in vertical molding due to the speed, quality, versatility and safety of the process. With vertical molding, one side of the mold cake has the pattern for the front of the casting, the other side the pattern for the back of the casting. When two mold cakes come together on the molding line, they form the entire casting.

The process requires extremely high pressure and speed— while at the same time guaranteeing precision.

One-half of the casting pattern and the core (if required) are set into the molding machine; the pattern for the other half is on what is called the swing plate. When the two are closed, green sand is poured into place and squeezed at very high pressure to form the mold. Very quickly, the swing arm lifts the swing plate. This choreographed process happens over and over, forming one mold after the other to complete the order.

Vertical Molding Vs. Horizontal Molding

Vertical molding, as compared to horizontal molding, is the most cost-efficient casting method for medium- to high-volume orders. Because flasks are not required in vertical molding, there is improved mold mass alignment and a streamlined process—eliminating the need for flask movement and storage.

For the molding process, POITRAS uses:

– 3 Disamatic 2110 vertical molding machines