Process Control

Our Foundry is equipped with a fully functional metallurgical lab that performs chemical analysis, mechanical testing and microstructure analysis.  Supported by metallurgical engineers, we surpass the most demanding customer requirements. Our testing procedures are designed to eliminate trial and error.
POITRAS specializes in high-strength ductile iron and grey iron customized casting projects from 1 to 20 lbs. We believe our customers deserve the best quality, timeliness and competitive pricing. The mix of quality assurance principles along with the use of technologically advanced testing apparatuses make for the perfect balance.

Metallurgical Lab

At POITRAS, our metallurgical lab uses state-of-the-art equipment to verify the microstructures of all your castings. Testing is complete and guaranteed. An analysis is used if corrections need to be made. At POITRAS, every ladle poured is 100% tested to make sure each metallurgy is compliant with customers specifications.

Chemical Lab

Our chemical lab tests the properties and the consistency of all the iron we manipulate. We use a spectrometer that verifies multiple elements in our iron. All of our lab equipment is operated by experienced technicians. This testing is done in-house, meaning that you can always count on our high quality castings.

Complete Sand Lab

Our sand lab monitors the sand quality used in molding and core processes. The result is a consistent fine finish on the castings.

Gage Lab

Every tool and measuring device that are used in our process are checked and verified by our gagetrak software monitors when gages must be verified.

TS Quality Software

Our in-house designed and programmed system connects production and testing together so we can quickly verify and monitor the quality, keeping standards high.