95 Years Strong


Poitras Foundry – 95 Years Strong

We tend to accept the world the way it appears

Be it by hand or machine

Everything we see has been built

With the end result praised

But the road to getting there

Twisting with drawbacks and breakthroughs

Is often overlooked.

What does it mean to be a foundry?

Our products transcend themselves

They shape us, the way we shape them

What we offer is not forged metal,

It is molten potential;

Generation after generation

We adapt and thrive

Standing the test of time

Like the durability of our work

With environmental diligence

And cutting edge technology

But no matter the innovation

People, remain at our core.

You won’t recognize their faces

But day in and day out

They are part of something

Bigger than themselves

And together, supporting millions

We all strive to make the whole

Greater than the sum of its parts.
Poitras Foundry

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Poitras Foundry

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